Kadaba Rajkumar - Specialising in Cataract Surgery, Lens exchange and implants and Glaucoma Care


Kadaba Rajkumar

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Mr Kadaba Rajkumar is a Consultant Ophthalmologist who practices privately from Bridgend Clinic, in Bridgend princess of Wles Hospital(south Wales).He also consults at Spire Healthcare,Cardiff and Vale Clinic at Cardiff Bay.

Mr Kadaba Rajkumar has full time NHS commitment at The University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff and the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend from March 2001 and is currently the Clinical Director of Ophthalmology.

He trained at Nottingham Queens Medical Centre and Birmingham Midland Eye Centre as a specialist registrar before completing his training with a highly regarded glaucoma fellowship at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

Before coming to the UK in 1996 Mr Rajkumar has extensive experience as a consultant abroad both in India and the Middle East. He is a member of BMA, Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the American academy of Ophthalmology.

Currently He is an expert in Cataract surgery, lens exchange surgery( to eliminate/reduce the need for glasses in short and long sightedness) and Glaucoma aside from practising General Ophthalmology. He performs lasers for glaucoma,diabetic retinopathy and other conditions. He has access to and operates the only private selective laser for glaucoma at Bridgend.

At Princess of Wales Hospital Mr Rajkumar and his team of orthoptists turned glaucoma practitioners were recipients of an award in a national competition which reduced waiting times for glaucoma patients from 12 months to six weeks. The team was featured in HTV wales as a “ Beacon of excellence” in clinical care in August 2004.


 1.Cataract surgery( Phacoemulsifiiication with Intra ocular lens implant)

 2.Clear lens exchange surgery for short and long sighted.

 3. Surgery for astigmatism and presbyopia.

 4. Multifocal,bifocal and toric implant surgery after cataract removal.

 5.Glaucoma lasers( The first and only selective laser in south wales for glaucoma now being used exclusively at Bridgend Clinic.)

 6.Glaucoma surgery.

 7.Combined glaucoma and cataract surgery.

 8.Eyelid cyst surgery

9. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty

10.some forms of lid surgery.




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